Property and Business Valuation” – is a magazine for real estate professionals, but also for people dealing with advisory services on the real estate market, lawyers, local government officials and bankers. The quarterly is published from 2017. Till now 17 issues were published.

The quarterly is created by a team of experienced editors, and the editorial team consists of eminent property appraisers from all over Poland. The editor-in-chief is prof. Mieczysław Prystupa from the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology, who for 22 years headed the editorial office of the quarterly “Real estate expert” (1994-2016).

The chairman of the Scientific Council of the quarterly is prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska, President of the Polish Economic Society and researcher at the Warsaw School of Economics.

A member of the board of the quarterly is Mr Henryk Jędrzejewski, former director of the Department at the Ministry of Spatial Economy and Construction and one of the most experienced valuers in Poland and, what is most important, he’s one of the authors of the Real Estate Management Law.

On the pages of the quarterly we publish articles on the methodology of real estate and business valuations, and we also include analyzes on law; real estate management and market analizes.

“Valuation of Real Estate and Enterprises” is the essence of knowledge, useful in the daily work of a real estate appraiser, real estate broker and manager, a specialist in the field of business valuation, a local government official responsible for real estate management.

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